April 5th, 2019

New song from KXNG CROOKED "More Love" Produced by My Brother Dizz

Song Lyrics

The life of a hustler ain’t everything it seems
We sacrifice sleep
So our realities could be better than our dreams
I know...(word)
Some in the hood make you heartless
But then I learn
Only love can drive out hate
And only light can draw out darkness
(My Brother Dizz Made This)
(Dizz yo)
Rest In Peace to the fallen
I hear you young brother
You balling
But are you following your
Mothafucking calling
Can we have church in here this Friday (church)
I said can we have church in here this Friday
To many gone to soon

[Verse 1]
I said this shit on Glock Away Bullets
Took big and pac away
Bodies dropping a block away
Feeling like the modern day
Marvin Gaye cause I gotta
Say what’s going
First let me say condolences
Slauson’s way
R.I.P Nipsey
R.I.P King Lou (yeah)
The fact that you’re gone don’t even seem true
Death’s like a vandal destroying shit like a scandal
I’m tired of lighting candles for brothers who look like me and you
The culture just lost a soldier the whole city hurt
In loving memory of stitched on the back of a dickie shirt
Death is like a bitch in a mini skirt look how quick we flirt
End up in the dirt, what did we learn form seeing biggie’s hearse
Pac taught me to have hope as a poet thug
That’s why my message Is more than just tryna
Score drugs
When the world’s on my shoulders I see
Your’s shrug
Only thing we need more of is
More love

Yeah... I see a petition
To give Nipsey Hussle his own street (do it)
I know you like that intersection Crenshaw and Slauson I like Long Beach boulevard too, but if they can give him his flowers before he gone and they gave snoop dogg his own street I ride down that mothafucker and let my kid see something different you know
Only thing we need more of is more love

Ugh, I said this shit on pain away
Rappers lying about gangsta shit while I’m crying in hankerchief
Homies dying and laying stiff
Hope you flying where angles is
Horrifying the sadist shit homicide in a LA just get normalize
These ain’t normal eyes I see the realist shit
I could see we not completely innocent
I could see the hidden hand
I could see police planning a snitches hit
My pupils are pupils that study the loopholes
So I could study some different shit
Beefing now the streets are light
Demons doing evil shit
Evil like getting a preacher clipped
Ever since the beeper clip heaters rip when your people slip
Eyes tired of crying it’s time that i make the speakers drip
Hustler like 40 but now I just wanna be legit
Foreign cars made me a slave
Now I don’t need a whip
Real shit
My house got 7 rooms and 4 tubs
Only thing I need more of is more love

Yeah, I need more love know what I’m saying
You need more love
Life ain’t promised, life’s too shot
We can’t predict the time left
But I know one thing, we’ll never go uphill
With a downhill mindset
You feel me

Lost angles, Los Angeles city’s trouble
Let’s immortalize Nipsey Hussle
Let’s remember what he symbolized
Overcoming any struggle
Black economics buy the block till the Millies double
I hear you N.O.R.E that’s some real shit
Rappers come back to the community
Just to see a lack of unity
But you and me gotta
Keep our families fed
And keep going harder like David Banisset