KYRIE Feat. Kaylie - It's Like That

KYRIE Feat. Kaylie - It's Like That
May 15th, 2019

Kaylie Joins KYRIE on new song "It's Like That" The track is Produced by WRI$T

Song Lyrics

Cufflinks, pink minks when I link with bosses
Drip like sink leaks girl that’s too much saucin
Ya baby daddy on me, can’t get him off me
Hate to break it to him I just want the parsley
Keep that, body cold, got ‘em froze
Guess he just won’t let it go
Truth be told, got the bate
Now he going psycho
Told him come get what he want now he acting pollo
I don’t do that timid shit, need a dude in timbos
Focused on the elevation of me and my kin folk
Only keep you in my circle if you down 10 toes
If you ain’t let me know
Cuz If you ain’t you can go

I’ma need my time back
Really wasn’t fucking with you like that
I’ma need my time back
Nigga you ain’t got the juice like that
You ain’t in my league
You don’t go my speed
Lil mama vamanos
Tell em adios
You should call it quits
This some real player shit

Ain't no gold digga, still I'll make 6-figures
He just wanna smash this hourglass like go figure
Reloaded like I had a little dose of Trigga
Quick to go flip mode like my name Rah Digga
Don’t test me nigga
You said you played with me for sport?
I’m the ESPYs nigga
Oh you big mad
Meanwhile I’m smiling never simpin’, ouu I’m egad
See you was tripping so I’m slipping off the knee pads - woah woah

Clearly you were lessons learned now that I’m a pro
Said that I was lucky I’d be dumb to let you go
Packed up all your bags you can get your shit and go you can get yo shit and go
(-Yea you can get yo shit & go-)
Fuck you and all of your games
Can't believe that I fell for such a lame
Even on the alcohol I won't give yo ass a call
Bet in a year you still wiping your tears
Purposely for-get your name - nigga
My new man Just bought me a range
I bet that'll teach you to stay in yo lane

I bet you'll stay in your lane baby