Lil Baby Feat. Shad On The Beat & Ali Tomineek - Toast Up

Lil Baby Feat. Shad On The Beat & Ali Tomineek - Toast Up
November 8th, 2019

Lil Baby links up with Shad On The Beat & Ali Tomineek for new song "Toast Up"

Song Lyrics

Uh, yeah
Uh, yeah

I ain't sold no bags in a minute
I can't speak for none of the bros, what they do, that ain't my business
This a Hellcat when I'm ridin', not no Hemi (Skrrt, skrrt)
Image all authentic, I ain't had to pull no gimmicks
Multi-millionaire, I'm still rockin' Dickies
Just got off the phone with Pee, he told me I ain't got no limit
I'm a superstar, I still be in the trenches
I can't rock with none of you busters, man, I swear to God, I'm different, ayy
Thousand pair of white Air Force 1's, I signed with Finish Line
I'm just waitin' on your favorite cappin' rapper to finish lyin'
They already know what's up, don't play with him, give me mine
Tried to tell 'em that I was the one, I gave 'em plenty signs
Forgiato rider, I got them on every whip
Now I'm handlin' business with Doritos, I need my chip
I know if you stay down, you'll go far, go hard, don't trip
Look at me, I'm shinin' like a light from my neck to my wrist, woah
I just brought awards back to the hood so we can toast up
I can't even say how much I'm getting for a show
I be tryin' to dodge the blogs, I'm tryin' to keep it on the low
In the studio, I'm going hard, I swear I'm 'bout to blow

Yeah, alright, I'm on it
Look at what I done started (Woo, nah)
I gotta finish this, I'm tired of talkin', yeah (Shh)
I manifested this, my mind the sharpest, ayy
I ain't talkin' no magic, no, no flying carpet
Check it, this ain't no Aladdin (Nah)
Hopped on a plane to Atlanta
Knew I was finna take over the planet (Yeah)
I'm talking as soon as I landed (Woo)
What you know about redeye flights? (What?)
What you know about sleepless nights? (What?)
Only way to see that life
Man, you gotta speak that life
And I put that on my dawgs (Yeah)
And I put that on my squad (Bah)
And I put that on my moms
I'm taking my city right up to the stars
Taking my city right up to the top (Brr)
Had to link up with Rashad (Yeah)
Heard a beat like, "Oh my God" (Woo)
Yeah, Doritos need that spark
No, this ain't what it seem like (Nah)
This ain't overnight, I been doing this since I was knee-high
Homie, they know me
They know I lead, don't need no I.D., I'm
Thinkin' I'm B-I-G time
Walk in the VIP, I'm with Lil B-A-B-Y
Yeah, that's a strong, flex, mmh, yeah
It's for certain, I put that work in
No, it ain't really that complex, mmh
Now I'm taking calls with Complex, mmh
Let's make a toast (Ah)