Lil Durk Feat. Melii & Teyana Taylor - Home Body (Remix)

Lil Durk Feat. Melii & Teyana Taylor - Home Body (Remix)
March 29th, 2019

Lil Durk teams up with Melii & Teyana Taylor for "Home Body Remix"


[Verse 1: Teyana Taylor]
If i finally let you smash, you put you back in it
Watch this pussy string you out, like it got crack in it
It look good in the mirror, the way i practice it
I wanna feel the whole shit, dont give me half of it
Drunk text lead to rich sex (yeah yeah)
Then that group sex, where my bitch wet (yeah yeah)
You know I'm nasty
Got me touching on my own body
If R and B dont mention me, dont mention nobody
I been fly since like 15, without a co-pilot
We been fucking for a year, before they know'd about it
Boy you know that pussy good, but dont go boast about it
Boy you know that pussy wet when you swim deep inside it
I suggest you wear a vest if you plan on surviving
Ya day was long, the sex was good
So tell me all about it
If you too tired, be my bike, relax and let me ride it
Coupe sex, with no roof sex (yeah yeah)
Hula hoop sex, on a loop sex (yeah yeah)
Give it to me nasty (no noo)
You gone dive in this pussy, you gone overdose
Fuck me good after we eat, then we gone roll the smoke
Snatch my soul up in the Rolls, so I can go ghost

[Chorus: Lil Durk]
Baby, when I smash you, put your back in it
Get that first nut, then I'm back in it
Can you go deep? You keep asking it
Don't take a whole Perc', she want half of it
Drug sex, drug sex, yeah, yeah
Rich sex, rich sex, yeah, yeah
I know you nasty
She be touchin' on her own body

[Verse 2: Melii]
Now you can't compare me to no other (no no)
Head so... (Unfinished)