Lucki - Take My Heart

Lucki - Take My Heart
July 24th, 2019

New song from Lucki "Take My Heart" Produced by Mayhem Meech & Plu2o Nash


Take my heart take my heart break my- aye whoa aye
Take my heart take my heart break my heart
Aye whoa
I like you, I like molly, I like her
Know the devil, he gon’ hate, watch him work
Lil bro high up off his ass he alert
We was raised off the jug it’s gon’ work
Shit been sweet, we’re preparing for the worst
Cool as ever, traded xans for them percs
She can’t help it she a fan, but she hurt
Planting seeds for my mans in the dirt
You think we pretty wild, this the start
I want you, pretty wild, take my heart
I ain’t worried ‘bout they shade in the dark
Ain’t no room for your friends, where to start
Don’t believe but it’s there from the heart
Know Wokhardt got my heart
Don’t even know where to start
I sip green over yellow, either way that shit gross
I can’t worry ‘bout the scene cause my [?] is without
And my old bitch know my dreams like it’s word of the mouth
I sip lean because of Wheezy so I hate ‘em when it drought
Can’t complain about the causes baby leave me, that’s your loss
Every week a different city throw a party for us
And I miss it anyways cause I can’t party with drugs
Your bitch stuck on me and Sawbuck and that’s gorgeous to us
And I’m blocking outa shame bae it’s gorgeous to lust
See you fake it til’ you make it and that’s corny to us
Everybody here lucky how you lonely with us

Take my heart break my heart
Give it to her, that’s on you
Too much pride leave it to me
No more use, no more use
I’m in L.A. but it’s different I got rackets through the rapper
Tell that bitch the truth, now she tweaking bouta buy some [?] aye

Take my heart take my heart take my heart
Take my heart take my heart break my heart
Take my heart take my heart, don’t make me start