Lucki - Used 2 (prod. BRENTRAMBO)

Lucki - Used 2 (prod. BRENTRAMBO)
May 2nd, 2019

New music from Lucki "Used 2" produced by BRENTRAMBO

Song Lyrics

Ready? Go
Ooh, ayy, ayy
I'm too used to this, ayy
Uh, in the, uh
Ayy, ooh

Not too used to this, uh, ayy, rather be in a coupe, uh
Rather be with that bitch, she got on the Loubs, ayy
Add that shit to the script, uh, my lifestyle a movie
We charge that ho to the game, uh, no, those weren't just rumors, uh
Sco been gettin' his money, ayy, but he still pull up to you, uh
Get high, that's not my fault, them niggas 'round me influence
Get money, so I'm influenced, uh, 30, boy, oh, let's chew it, ayy
She say I'm an addict, she thought this was just music
Get money, nigga, like my daddy, lil' bastard nigga clueless, ayy
Whole gang hold me back, ayy, Perc gon' make me fly, ayy
I'm just not that guy, you put a bird ass ho on a flight, ayy
I'm gon' stick to the script, uh, y'all gon' improvise
Not too used to this, uh, ayy, rather be in a coupe
Me and a empty seat, but your ho comin' soon
Not too used to this, uh, ayy, haha