Mach Hommy Feat. Your Old Droog & Tha God Fahim - Phi Slamma

Mach Hommy Feat. Your Old Droog & Tha God Fahim - Phi Slamma
April 25th, 2019

New single from Mach Hommy "Phi Slamma" featuring Your Old Droog & Tha God Fahim. Produced by Nicholas Craven

Song Lyrics

Yo, I play in Phi Slama Jama, what you workin' with? ()
Berkowitz, bystanders' scanners on alert for this
Got a lil' fame for the grammer and the purchases (Uh)
The curveage is, 100 shot  for the nervousness (Brrr)
Disturbances, twist 'em like a bandage on a tourniquet (Fuck outta here)
Twist 'em like a volt, when I'm pourin' up a Fanta with some Perc in it
Herkin' it, jerkin' it, detergent and dirt in the Maytag
Racks advertisement, who won the tournament?
Drip, you watchin' all the steps
Charter for  with some bitch, go get you a whip, official as shit

The main focus, bitch, don't look so quizzical
Droogie Howser, MD, they pay me for the physicals
Prescribe the rhymes, real drugs for y'all to listen to
The taste never medicinal, eat it up, straight bravado
Braggadocios in the form of 100 milligram dosage
Gotta sound alike to Killa Cam's opus
Pew is pew now, we know that bootin' and uprootin' ain't prudent
Just wanna control rap like Putin
Try to come to a peaceful and poised resolution
Even though most of these tapes out straight noise pollution
And I'll never get bought, them hoes losin'
Rap but listen to the weather reports, no fusions
Geese fly east, it's Duck CZN on the fleece
Opposition ain't the genuine articles, they puff piece

I keep the pump like a pump fake
Lower the birthrate, once buckshot make the earth quake (Brrr)
You pump brakes, knowin' that you made the wrong move
Unload the ammo, wettin' niggas like  (Zazazazazaza)
I rock the camo, make sure the lifestyle is substantial
On some righteously wicked shit, gun on the mantle
Ain't no hootin' and bickerin', shows get cancelled
Rip you like a vinyl from a DJ sample
Stand for something, nigga, or fall for anything (Fall for anything)
Air Pythons, Versace with the Billie jeans
And you know I got the steam with it out the mini thing
I give you wings when I empty out the mini thing (Brrr)

Dump Gawd