Method Man Feat. Redman, Hanz On & StreetLife - Wild Cats

Method Man Feat. Redman, Hanz On & StreetLife - Wild Cats
November 1st, 2018

New single by Method Man "Wild Cats" featuring Redman, Hanz On & StreetLife.

Song Lyrics

[Verse: Method Man]
...[?] that's perfect
You done scratched the surface, go 'head and sniff me
I'm pushin' fifty
Can't find your woman? She pushin' wit' me
Was pushin' [?], the family business was pushin' [?]
That pusher in me, I did it gritty, no pretty in me
I'm pretty trendy, I had to spend me a pretty penny
One outta many, last to fend me, too many envy
Don't give me any
I do it dirty, no Shimmy Shimmy

[Verse: Hanz On]
It's Hanz-arello but you can 'em Shameek from Belly
Method giselle, we comin' out, we gon' catch a felly
About the jelly, the P-L-O what we call the deli
The Lab we smelly, could smell it all in your Pelle Pelle
Barq or Cola like refrigerators but ain't no Perry
Careful fuckin' with regulators across the ferry
It's necessary, I gotta bury my adversary
These niggas scary, we commandeered his commissary
This shit is manly, a little somethin', so don't get weary
Well kept from Missouri, I be your judge and jury
I love [?], you get it poppin', you'll feel the fury
We tellin' Siri to call the pigs to come get near me
Hit a killer to be a killer but ain't no skelly
Pissin' on 'em, we shittin' on 'em, but no R. Kelly
Speakin' country to Country, Grammar, but ain't no Nelly'
Once Upon A from Shaolin wit' no Shkreli

[Chorus: Redman, Streetlife & Method Man]
Yeow, We them wild cats
You don't want that dope, we keep slangin' 'til it's right on your Coach, come on
Where the bricks Staten Isle at?
I got 'em right in my scope, leave 'em dead 'til I turn 'em ghosts, you know?
We them wild cats
You don't want that smoke, we ain't rich, so we goin' for broke, nigga
Where the brick Staten Isle at?
We fittin' to go at they throats
You must be a kiddin' tryna go with the G.O.A.T.S
Come on

[Verse: Redman]
Yo, when I ain't sober, I'm bi-polar, invite me over
Doc be dumpin' his ashes in your baby stroller
When I was young I ate paint, lead, we called it water...