Miss Mulatto - F*ck Rice Street

Miss Mulatto - F*ck Rice Street
May 31st, 2019

New song from Miss Mulatto "F*ck Rice Street" Produced by Ant Chamberlain


Man, y'all got me fucked up
Don't know what the hell y'all talking bout
Big Latto, big money Ion gotta steal a bitch ass thing
Young ass hoes (Yeah, nah for real)
Stay outta grow folks business bitch

First thing first on my first day at shit
Young hoes wait till I'm locked up to pop shit (Fuck)
Still can't stop shit (Hell nah)
See you I'm gon' rock shit (Brrra)
I ain't even do shit, so bitch, I'm coming out rich
Fresh out of Rice Street
Shout out Aunty GG (Aye, aye, aye)
KeKe, I ain't do it bitch, free me (Fuck)
And bitch try me
They gon' have to fight me
Fuck the police and that nasty ass baloney (On god)
Ion gotta steal a bitch ass thing
From the South, Ion be in Sandy Spring (South side)
Fuck twelve, they done took me off the plane
Confiscated every goddamn thang (Nah)
Four rings, watch, and my chain
Pussy hoes speaking on my name (Aye)
Yeah, bitch, try me like a lame
They gon' never let me out the chain gang (Aye)
Free the real behind the wall (Wall)
They won't even let me make a call (Brr)
All these hoes really soft (On god)
I'ma see bout y'all when I'm out (Straight up)
Using my name for clout
Bitch you better watch your mouth (Grrra)
I'ma rich bitch from the South (South)
So you know I bonded right out (Aye)
Aye, good lawyer money so I'm ready for war (Brrr)
Walked in, they like Latto what you in here for? (What?)
I couldn't sleep on that concrete cold ass floor (Straight up)
And it's fuck Sergeant Reed 'cause she a hating ass hoe (Bitch)
Have that same energy when y'all find out I'm innocent (On god)
I'ma beat yo ass hoe, I ain't scared to go back again (Straight up)
Fifteen hundred, bitch please, that ain't even half my rent (Brrr)
Steal for what? Hit the stain make ten bands, in ten minutes
Commissary for all the real bitches that I met in the hole (Hole)
I ain't shared not one ten, I ain't get tried like a hoe (Hoe)
Big Latto got big money, don't you ever try me like I'm broke (Gang)
First stop, on my first day, I headed straight to the yo (Fuck)

Man fuck APD
Fuck Sandy Springs
Fuck Rice Street
Fuck I-
Fuck all y'all
Fuck all these hating ass hoes
Bitch I'm innocent
Hell is you saying
Y'all mo'fuckas praying on my downfall
Bitch you can't stop shit
Big shit popping, little shit stopping
And I'm getting back on the mo'fucking plane after this bitch
Overseas me, hell is you saying