Money Man - Saturday Night (Freestyle)

Money Man - Saturday Night (Freestyle)
February 25th, 2019

New freestyle from Money Man "Saturday Night"

Song Lyrics

they're full of cannabis
Come get a P from my artist and management
Full ride to  school, I got me a scholarship
If you got a trap then I might give you sponsorship
Fuck a drive-by, we gon' walk up and pop some shit
I'm in the car like a boss, I'm just watching shit
Plugged in like Wi-Fi, you know we online
I just left Cali with 10 different kinds
In one month I re-upped like 10 different times
Don't fuck with 12, I don't fuck with no swine
If you a street nigga then we might collaborate
Heard it's a drought so the price might influxuate
 get with me, she rolling the vegan route
Pulled up to  and bought me another strap
Too many P, they won't fit in a duffel bag
What kind of diamond that? Straight from the motherland
Two bails in the Minivan, like I'm a family man
Everyone strapped, nigga even my camera man
My lil' chi from Riverdale built like a thoroughbred
Count a hundred K every night before I go to bed
If I drop you the pack, get this shit gone with urgency
Just left from London, I still got they currency
Triple-X big bottoms, white and they burgundy
You should take notes 'cause you niggas can learn from me
Fifty bags sat on the back of a Pickup Truck
My nigga from Birmingham finna come pick 'em up
B gas and A gas, you know I'ma mix 'em up
Her play found out 'bout it, I really ain't give a fuck
Her pussy addictive, you know I can't get enough
Swiping them , you know I'ma live it up
26 got my crib feeling like Arrowhead
After a show I might just show you hand-to-hand
All-Star Weekend, went to Charlotte to make a play
Got that shit gone then I drove right back to the A
 send me the mercury
550 spaceship, they made it in Germany
College freak shop with me, she go to Georgia State
So much gas smoke in my car, I could suffocate