Murs - Tony Robbins Pocketbook

Murs - Tony Robbins Pocketbook
August 11th, 2019

New single from Murs "Tony Robbins Pocketbook" Produced by The Soul Council & 9th Wonder


How many bars I got?
Right here?

9th Wonder showed me proof that God is real
No joke, when he spoke a nigga got the chills
When it's real, it's real, it ain't hard to feel
The only way to build, still sharp as steel
The Iliad is dead, The Odyssey is over
Found God within me, started searchin' for Jehovah
What you searchin' for? Where you focus at?
If it's happiness, no one can give you that
It flows from within, it knows all your sins
You can never win bein' envious of other men
Covetousness is such a sin
Wantin' what other people have has become a trend
But don't bow down to the dollar bill, y'all
Commercial consumerism is tryna kill y'all
I'm tryna heal y'all and still make a livin'
Be conscious of what you gettin' for what you givin'

We got to a point now, where
Artists will devalue, and what you're spending is time with the artist, and that's the most valuable commodity of all
So what are you getting in exchange for your time?
Do you feel encouraged?
Do you feel uplifted?
Do you feel comforted?
Do you feel nourished by the time you're givin' to the artist that you've listened to?

I can't sleep when a Tarantino flick's on
I can't eat with a new pair of kicks on
Spillin' Polynesian sauce on my Off-Whites
Always go with your gut when it's not right
Let your intuition put you in position
Even when you don't, say you understand the mission
Competition's for the jocks and the meatheads
Not me, I just do it for the street cred
For the heads that love to rock the real shit
For the ones who ain't scared to bleed and feel shit
I kill myself right before I hit the bed to sleep
So every day I'm resurrected as a better me
Never be afraid to grow just a little
Never be afraid to hurt and let it show a little
When you allow someone else to help
You give them the chance to try to heal themself

Sometimes you're not able to ask for help from—
'Cause of pride or your ego, whatever
And that's cool, but you're also denying someone else the opportunity to help themselves
And, it's kinda like the whole Paid Dues thing with me, like
People think I started for money or I think the kids that I put on owe me somethin', but that's not the case
No one looked out for me when I started out on the west coast
So I built that platform to elevate those comin' from un— under me
And I never expected anything in return because it was helping heal the hate and resentment I had towards the dudes who never put me on
But I ended up bookin' them, too, with the younger acts, and it was just good for the culture and good for my f— my pocketbook
But mostly just good for my soul