Mysonne - If He Dies He Dies (Tory Lanez Diss)

Mysonne - If He Dies He Dies (Tory Lanez Diss)
January 30th, 2019

Mysonne comes for Tory Lanez’ head with his response to the Toronto rapper.

Song Lyrics

Uh huh
You hear this?
This is like sad music
Like we about to go to a funeral
Sometimes a nigga talk theyself into some shit that they can't get theyself out of, ya know
At some point you realize that your mouth done wrote a check that your ass can't cash
And then you realize that you playing with a nigga that ain't playing

This what happen when a singer start rapping
Call out a rapper and the rappers start slacking
Now he feelings hisself, then he start bragging
Now you trapped in the room with a dragon
The nerve of this nigga, got hot off of auto-tune
Disowned the street niggas, now you feel like you a goon?
That hairline is playing with your brain
Somebody tell Tory he better stay up in his lane
Before the rain start pouring, lions start roaring
Nigga kept talking, I was trying to ignore him
Now he declared war so it's time to destroy him (Facts)
They going to be mourning by the morning
Niggas should have warned him, this life I was born in
You a character nigga, you was drawn in
I was sworn in, oath to the streets
It's all fucked up, ya'll done woken the beast

There's levels to this shit, rappers and there's composers
Cats that spit facts and cats with nice flows
Minor league and the place where the pros is
Those that get exposed and the one who exposes
And that's me nigga, you ain't no street nigga
You ain't never ride around with no heat nigga
You ain't never take no bricks to go meet niggas
You an R&B, melody on the beat nigga
A sweet nigga, young nigga with an old face
Sad, you ain't comfortable in your own space
You came in the game hating on Drake
Jealous cuz he was the man in your home base
Now you on tour with him?
You did all that just to do a song with him?
He can rap but what the fuck is wrong with him?
Niggas know it's whack, ya'll just going to go along wit him?
Fuck it, I guess integrity is dead
Niggas do anything for bread
Lying and trolling, spitting rhymes that's stolen
So full of shit, how it fit inside your colon
Niggas should have told him lyrically I'm a god
So much dope when I spit niggas nod
It's real life and you just a façade
A fake, facsimile, a fraud
I know it's kinda hard, you 5'2 what it really is
You just want niggas to take you serious
All through high school chicks wouldn't be with you
No matter how loud you yell we ain't believing you
All the gun busting and selling, you ain't even do
Nigga that was rhyming on flex, it ain't even you
That's the nigga that you want to be
A hundred niggas like you don't equal one of me
This ain't even personal dog, this is fun to me
Bring your ass over here nigga, don't you run from me
Don hung you off of the bridge (now) Ima son your ass like my kid
It's a big difference from a boy and a grown man
It's how you slap a nigga around with your whole hand
Bar for bar, you ain't got no chance
Leave the rap shit for me, stick to the slow jams

Stick to the slow jams nigga
I mean you can rap a little bit but we just don't believe you
I mean you 5'1, 5'2
You be yelling at the top of your voice
And I just don't, I don't get the feeling, you know what I'm saying?
Like I listen to bars, I've been a street nigga my whole life
I...I don't get that from you
I me....maybe it's because you from Canada, no disrespect to Canada, I don't know
But the gangsta shit you preaching and the shit that I know?
It don't really add up, there's a disconnection
So keep making the melody songs, throw the auto-tune on and all that shit
Shit cute, we going to dance to it my nigga
But leave the rapping shit to the rappers
This is a warm-up
I know you ain't going to ain't going to reply, you scared
You wanna rap against niggas that don't rap no more
You wanna battle Eminem....I guess
You wanna battle Eminem because he probably ain't going to battle you
But you don't want to rap with niggas that rap