Mysonne - Litty / ZEZE Freestyle

Mysonne - Litty / ZEZE Freestyle
November 25th, 2018

Mysonne gives joyner Lucas a light spankin, while he warns Tory Lanez to be Easy

Song Lyrics

(It's JP Soundz)
Why you mad at me cuz I tell you the truth
That you lost goin' bar-to-bar with an R&B nigga (Huh?)
It's a whole different level of lyrics over here dog
You don't want to spoil me nigga
You spit that cute shit and I spit that mucus, I'm sick
Bitch your a pocket Confucius [?]
You just be rhyming they know you won't do shit
They know if they try me I'm probably go'n shoot ya
Lucas you stupid, you [?] your song
I did it better 'cuz you did it wrong
You made it seem like the black man was weak
So that I had to tweak it and show that we strong
You had it seeming like we couldn't even read and write
Couldn't believe it
I was watching the TV like (What?)
He had the white supremacist calling this black kid all kinds of niggers
Then I found out that he half white (Oh)
Now it makes sense
He a [?] caught up in the Matrix (Right?)
He was raised in the 'burbs around nothin' but white racists
So all he learned was black hatred (For real)
All his songs reinforce black stereotypes
I mean, even his hero is white (My name is)
He don't know where he belong
He been lost in the dark so long
I'm just try'n to give him the light (For real)
You nuttin' but a gimmick
You an Eminem mimic
Got a whole lotta flow
With a little bit of lyrics
You make a nigga head bob, soon as he hear it
Soon as it goes off, boom they forget it (Haha)
My lyrics be touchin' a nigga's sprit
Incitin' 'em to recite as soon as a nigga hear it
Gangsta shit, it tears, so they really can't bear it
I give 'em that pain, that shit's been generic
This is rated R, versus PG (Uh-huh)
This is the [?] vs PC (For real)
This is the lyrical professor with a master's degree
Goin' against a nigga that barely got a GED
Ya'll know you and seein' me
With that fast Cat in the Hat rap
And the black mask strapped to the backpack
With five [?] rap
He say shit like that, and ya'll act like that shit cray
That shit is wack, That shit ain't lyrical
My shit is poetry, my shit is biblical
Shit I be sayin' , you cannot explain
More than a gift, my shit a miracle
I am just here to do God's work (That's all)
And get you niggas bar work
So I'm gonna kill 'em today
Then I'm back to the front line tomorrow
My job is hard work
You see the difference (What?)
You gotta listen (Listen)
See all of these bars like I'm in prison?
Do you hear the kinda entredres I'm spitting?
I'm the future and I'm cheatin' like Larsa on Scotty Pippen
Ya'll niggas forgettin' I'm the motherfuckin' GOAT? (I'm the GOAT)
Spittin' nothin' but bars you that can quote (You can quote)
Nigga colder than winter without a coat
He said he wanted smoke, well nigga I'm at your throat
Like, like, like, like the Adam's apple
Take 'em to church like a tabernacle
Same one that hyped you on the 'gram that like you
Gonna be the same ones laughin' at you
This a grown man, vs a boy
It's a loaded pistol vs a toy
It's a nigga with jokes vs a nigga with quotes
It's a truth vs a motherfuckin' ploy
Ain't no one illa, a bar-for-bar killer
I'm here to break down all these [?] you build up
Joyner is scammin' all of you niggas
His song be 10 minutes, 9 minutes be filler
(What's that?)
Just a whole lotta words (Oh)
Buncha nouns no verbs (Uh-huh)
I can't front he got a whole lotta views (What?)
That's just proof we got a whole lotta nerds (Ha ha)
[?] street dudes to G's
Niggas on locks, they use to move the keys
I did this so every one who roots for you could see
Unguarded,[?] ain't shit you could do with me

Now this is just a warm up
But I swear if you reply you a goner
Go ahead, you can play if you wanna
And I'm on ya, like a fuckin' piranha
Joyner, next time you gonna fuck with a lion
Make sure you gotta will, and comfortable dyin'
Troy killed you my nigga
I ain't bein' biased
Whoever tell you that he didn't they lyin'
They just tryin' to ease the pain
I'm tryin' to teach you the game
While establishing that we ain't the same
Can't compare him to me (Why not?)
Cuz the niggas are lame
But I kinda like his raps, so it's a shame
I gotta kill him (Kill him)
But I can't front, I kinda feel him
But he was talkin' all greasy, I gotta kill him (I gotta kill him)
Anyone of you niggas could go with him (I kill him)

Come on, my nigga, this is warm up
Don't play with me man, we different lyricists
Cat, hat, mat, pack, I don't do none of that
You cool tho, flow be hot
I fuck wit the flow, I be mesmerized with it
I be listenin' to the words like, yeah, when you write that shit down you ain't really saying nothin'
You know what I'm sayin'?
Tory killed you, but I killed Tory
Tory don't be talkin' that "America" shit
Don't start no Canada vs America shit
I kill you too, nigga
Stop playin' with me, nigga
You know what the fuck I doin' here
Don't be mad at me because I made your song better
You wrote "I'm Not a Racist", had a black nigga lookin' scared
I try to help you
I ain't made that I ain't discover the song
You mad cuz I did it better
Ha ha