Nas, Divine, Naezy & Ranveer Singh - NY Se Mumbai

Nas, Divine, Naezy & Ranveer Singh - NY Se Mumbai
February 20th, 2019

Nas teams up with Divine, Naezy & Ranveer Singh on new song "NY Se Mumbai"

Song Lyrics

[Nas Verse]
I got eyes and ears everywhere
I see as high as the sky is
See a tick on an eagle feather
I hear with elephant ears
Hyena demeanor
Sink my teeth deep in wildebeest and eat up I mean a
King of the animal kingdom
Bring some bags of money
Handle with a green-some
Thoughts of a venom abandoned with a machine gun
Off course, cuz I'm a prodigal where I came from
I'm still mourning losses, still traumatized
My psychological trauma is now monetized
My life in a rap song is idealized
The price of that rap song at Spotify
People opinion don't faze me
Dislikes don't dissuade me
Even when they try to paint me
Out to be something I'm not, I stay me
I ain't scared to be alone or with a lot of people
Great experience provoke I get a lot from either
Getting closer to my goal
Rest in peace Stan Lee
I'm Peter Parker, Lamborghini by the parking meter, start the beeper