Nipsey Hussle - Perfect Timing

Nipsey Hussle - Perfect Timing
December 19th, 2018

Nipsey Hussle returns with a new song titled "Perfect Timing"

Song Lyrics

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I know perfect timing feels like I'm too late
And I know I'm still great in spite of my mistakes
You know it's authentic, every rhyme I say
My only regret is I made niggas wait
See, ain't too many like us, we life in this, baby
An' I don't fuck with busters, y'all can't integrate
Grew up with these killers in my living space
Lotta niggas folded through them village days
Citywide, gang and junction police raids
LA Times, rollin' sixes, made the front page
I vowed to never let you ditch and seal my fate
Felt it in my stomach, I was just unique
We decided we gon' let these digits speak
And return saucin' in the Venice beach
S 600 Maybach, platinum dealer plates
Wake up in this penthouse to the cityscape
You know it's authentic, every shit I say