Pop Smoke Feat. Nicki Minaj - Welcome To The Party (Remix)

Pop Smoke Feat. Nicki Minaj - Welcome To The Party (Remix)
August 15th, 2019

Pop Smoke add Nicki Minaj for new remix "Welcome To The Party"

Song Lyrics

Ayo Boof
This is a Melo beat

Baby, welcome to the party
I'm off the Molly, the Xan, the lean
That's why I'm movin' retarded
(That's why I'm movin' retarded)
Baby, welcome to the party, uh
I hit the boy up and then I go skate in a 'Rari
Baby, welcome to the party
Bitch, I'm a thot, get me lit (Get me lit)
Gun on my hip (Gun on my hip)
One in the head (One in the head)
Ten in the clip (Ten in the clip)
Baby, baby, don't trip
Just lower your tone (Lower your tone)
'Cause you could get hit

It's a MAC, fact, I'm in the black 'Bach
We never lack, lack with that strap
I drive through, if you back back
It's gon' clap clap and that's that
I never tap tap if I don't like a ho
You act act like you like her though
Never backtrack if I ain't fuckin' with you
Can't sit with us 'cause you might get [?]
All my pretty bitches, high-saditty bitches
Got a milli' bitches on go
All these silly bitches, I'ma kill these bitches
Yo Pop, who the fuck want smoke?