Ramirez - The Voices in the Dark

Ramirez - The Voices in the Dark
February 4th, 2020

Ramirez is back with new track "The Voices in the Dark" Produced by Mikey the Magician


That's on my momma doe, you know know what I'm talm' bout
I'm out the bushes wit it

There's a God in you

I put one up in the chamber, Let that shit go off
A hollow-tip is all I need to make you fumble and fall
Me and my kin steady hustling so forever we ball
Like Jada Pinkett I be strapped, and bitch I'm setting it off
This ain't no game, No Nintendo, No use holding something
Bitch, give it up and lay it down right on the ground before I fold you
Cousin gripping on the ratchet, like "you busting something,"
Nephew dipped in black, like "the Reaper be coming!"
All you dolts say you think you fucking with the menace
I'm a wolf amongst the sheep, I came back with bloody vengeance
I be surfing off a 30, Whip this shit like I'm a chemist
As I rise up from the 
New laser beams take your soul away
Killer that make no mistake
Chopper hold the drum like Nick Cannon; it cause a murder case
Ride to my dying days
Cock it back and give 'em grace
Bitch, you want a blessing, then take these 61's all in yo face
Voices in my head they tell me "Kill 'em all
Make your grave and 
Leave your lifeless body decapitated and shitted on
Hypnotize your mind and watch you crumble as I fade
 wit' banana clip cause Grey Gorilla gon' break you off."
Bitch, what you hitting, yeah you thinking I won't bust right back
All the fire turn your body stiff and lay you all flat
Fuck competition; you can lick the sweat right off of my sack
I'm pushing boulders, moving silent, in the back of 'lac
I'm going in to takeon my Smith & Wesson
Never leave the crypt without my banger, always keep my weapon
Look over your shoulder, watch your shoes
Bitch I can see you sweating
Shaking when you talking, when you
You ain't 'bout no action
Bitch I'm on roll, a beam
Made a milli just from streams
You a friend or a foe motherfucker, no between
Shame this money 'till the death of me; this shit is a regime
Ain't no pussy in my blood, now take your bitch ass from the scene
It's the killer Draco Foulplay, deep in the cut
Put the barrel down your throat and watch the bullet rip your guts
Got some youngins on my block; beat your ass for some blunts
Pull up with the fulled loaded clip and empty out the slugs

It's the Grey Five Nine 'til they murder me
Put me on the crucifix until I meet my destiny
It's the Grey Five Nine 'til they murder me
Put me on the crucifix until I meet my destiny