Rapsody Feat. J.I.D - Redblue

Rapsody Feat. J.I.D - Redblue
November 9th, 2018

Rapsody link up J.I.D for a new song "Redblue" from her new project "Jamla Is the Squad II"

Song Lyrics

[Verse 1: J.I.D]

Uh, red blood, red blood drops, Red was a young light skin nigga from the block
Red blood he thug he was a product of his pops
Pop a lock pop a pop-pop-pop a nigga for some guap
Red blood drops, red blood drop, red dropped right out of school he's a lefty with the Glock
Red got into the usual maneuvering the block red, white, green, blue, red, next steady watching
Red blood drops finally got shot but he didn't die it only made him wilder
And revenge is an easy way for him to gain power, game over, gunpowder
Women crying holding flowers for dead, Red
Roses are red, violets are blue, violence forget violence annihilate your crew
Silence among tyrants terrorising, Y'all niggas banging on your web browser we can't allow ya
To infiltrate the shit that we been kickin' since the slaves
Still better than my demons tryna lock us in a cage ok, ok, ok
I see how we gon play less, said that they reserved a seat for who play for mayhem
D-d-dayum, in the nighttime, and the AM and the body red it's flay 'em
Fuck the red, the white, the blue, only areas are grey
Red never drop his flag and he banging to this day or to the day he D.O.A
Even if he pray he probably won't be ok but fuck it

[Verse 2: Rapsody]

But fuck it (fuck it)
He read my mind, he probably won't live a day past 28, 29
Legally drinks, in a wink roller-rink date propose, and she break down crying, toast red wine
Count down the days 'till the baby's a full-blown now
Momma's a grand-momma she proud, look at her child
Watching this child grow up, kiss your wife when she come home from work
Dream job, best friend's still involved, hanging late nights
Reminiscing 'bout the red, blue blue, red red
Ok but daddy's still got life, child first game, first name, he is every milestone 'till he grown, graduating
And he vacationin' after retirement, with his wife alone somewhere in North Ireland
That's your life I know that everyone desire it but how we gon live long as they keep firing
That red blue, blue red pill, pill real real, do you live reality or are you in the matrix still?

[Interlude: ?]

Man nah, nah, nah, rap you gotta come harder than that man
Stop playing with these niggas man, go ahead and give it to em
Really rap it

[Verse 3: Rapsody]

Uh, when you confident, fuck compliments nigga I got so much steam I don't ever [?] facts
I came on my momma not a wrinkle on me nigga, when you straight as me, fuck niggas can't understand that
Talk a lot'a shit but they ain't talkin' bout shit watch me scare the shit out these niggas tallest in the back
Wash my hands show I'm really done with niggas if you got a problem then I hope it come with luck
Can't make a couple diamonds without the homie [?] we already been the future without the gram bruh
I'm back in L.A on my bullshit like cops that pull quick on niggas that just happen to be black
I don't believe you like we don't believe that, get so much respect I could rock a blue L.A cap
Welcome home, baby girl where you been at? I'll dodge your bullshit, matador, they mad at that
But I just laugh at these niggas, hahahahahaha