Ras Kass Feat. Everlast - The Long Way

Ras Kass Feat. Everlast - The Long Way
September 5th, 2019

Ras Kass and Everlast link up on their new track, "The Long Way." Produced by P.A. Dre Beats


Watered the Bush, I was 14, breakin" ; 'Raisin' - fake I.D. from Eric Davis
Good vibrations, Kalonee first to take-off in an altercation
Like Walter Payton - running back to the drama with our 40oz bottles
The Ozzies call it 'Mackers', we call it 'McDonalds'
I know hoes from Toronto who collect vinyl, then bust it wide open at the Spearmint Rhino!
Was thinking about settling down, but these hoes got their head in the cloud, so I'm celibate now
...lasted a couple months then its back to being 'Slut Puppy'
Jumping-off like adrenaline junkies
(X-boy), my brother Curt, my brother Clee, my brother Nummy go dummy!
Wais P never let me go hungry
40's a 'Diva Dude" 10 pair of the same Gucci shoes
My revolver big & black like Terry Crews!, [ooh!]
I just love The Culture and the Bag, gee
Mystery to me why you lookin like Mr T;
Ten skinny- ass gold chains like chokers
I just put Bit Coins inside my penny loafers;
Moonwalking across your sofa...
Trap musicians, y'all overdose! We get doper!
North east west south, we all connected
Its hard to defend against the unexpected.(nigga)

They just caught The Right One, the right time, wrong day
Even if the needle skips, homie let the song play
Kept it 100 when them suckas acted strange'
Already! i fuck with you the long way

Midtown; '88 , Venice & La Brea
17: graffiti-writing, fly-rhyme sayer
Hanging with the Crips clash, almost catchin whiplash
Watching my own back, the government sold crack
We ran Sherman square, sometimes we'd brawl
Reading William S. Cooper & 'The Final Call'
'Behold a Pale Horse', and pray for the "sheeple"
Used to move pounds, now we all smoke legal!
Higher than any Eagle album ever charted
911 was an inside job- don't get me started
Ancient secrets were guarded, pillaged and marauded
The christians Crusaded... and natives got slaughtered
But every single 'holiday' you celebrate's pagan!
And Hinkley loved Jodi so he shot Ron Reagan
Live from Copenhagen, fighting out of California
I'm running up on ya', i ain't gonna warn ya' !