Reese LAFLARE Feat. Benny The Butcher - No Hook

Reese LAFLARE Feat. Benny The Butcher - No Hook
July 22nd, 2020

Reese LAFLARE and Benny The Butcher connect on new track "No Hook"


So much ice you can skate on a nigga
 they wanna be on, nigga
Damn, I'm fly, I get flee on a nigga
Your man a shrimp box, he a peon, nigga
Take off on 'em like pew, nigga
Neck lookin' like I got a chain full of Skittles
Rider bitch, shorty fuck me to the rhythm
 and you know we gon' 

On TMZ, I'm last seen with you sister
get that cap off your system
Had to stack my money, mind my own business
 blue and it came with three wishes
Get on that fuck shit, got young nigga issues
Front page magazine, we press all our issues
They ain't seen what I seen and know what I done been through
Stretching my bitch  he gon' get bent too
Partner can get pop, a bean, senzu
Flexin' so much my first scooter got rims too
My cup runneth over, I'm feeling so plentiful
Lil' Skate up, I'm throwed, ooh (Ah)
Nigga pop a shroom, toad
Y'all lowercase, I'm bold (Yeah)
Damn man, I'm in it like go (Yeah, yeah)

Niggas like me put them bitches to work
She jump out the backseat, fixin' her skirt
Bitch it's Griselda, the gang with the wave
This year made at least quarter million off merch
And I'm on that gas so I don't do coke
This white bitch with me, she might do both
Chain on my neck, feel like I'm 'bout to choke
And we don't call it beef if nobody get smoke
I do the shit y'all imaginin'
You never been like that, you draggin' it
We fuckin' on expensive mattresses, yeah
She throw that shit back, she so talented, uh
These fifty bands I just made in a week?
A voice in my head gon' tell me to spend it
I ran it up, you can tell he a sprinter
I'm callin' plays like  and Denver
Dope boy, jumpin' out a Benz when I spin through
'Bout to get a new watch, 
Been a lil' busy, all these ho's I gotta tend to
Street nigga, sold dope, could've been a pimp too
I know this money exciting you bitches
Gamble my life, shoot the dice on you bitches
I'm in a club with my ice and my pistol
We slide on the opps, pull twice on you niggas (Ah)