Rob Markman - Don't Beg, Don't Borrow (feat. Saint Pat Beatz)

Rob Markman - Don't Beg, Don't Borrow (feat. Saint Pat Beatz)
February 3rd, 2020

Rob Markman drops new track "Don't Beg, Don't Borrow" featuring Saint Pat Beatz.

Song Lyrics

Write to Dream

I done seen a lot
Boy if I could give you any advice
This whole shit is about energy that you put out
And energy that you take in
Just make sure you save somethin' for yourself
Gotta invest in yourself

They told me ask and you shall receive
How a closed mouth supposed to get the cheese?
How a closed mouth supposed to get the bread?
All that unsaid ain’t gonna get you fed
All that humbleness dead, it’s gonna get me FED
They throwing Internet threats, I'm facin' Ego Death
This after Neo’s death, tell me have you seen 'em yet?
I couldn’t count on the culture, how many Migos left?
Where the homies went? Intro to my loneliness
I'm Kiedis sittin' under the bridge with all the trolls and shit
I’m tryna show em shit, but no one ever notices
My drive between Skid Row and L.A. motorist
Goin' nowhere fast, blowing gas hopes lasts
My favorite song on blast, faded pictures broken glass
Shout out the brother Case, once I was done with Wake
I let the game come to me, this ain’t another chase
I spoke to Pain 'bout them features he did
How he didn’t even charge, that’s how real that he is
When he reached back out 'cause he needed some shit
Everybody turned they back, what kinda leaches is this? Shit

A lot of people don't know
Most of those features I did back in 2008 and 9 and 10
I did all of 'em for free
Oh yeah
I mean I did all of 'em for free
And I wanted you to do was get back on my shit
That's it, I just wanted an even swap
'Cause I was gonna charge you just as much as you charged me
So, I did a lot of stuff for free and nothing was reciprocated

I’m the reason for all their deals the past 4 years
Do an interview with Rob then it’s sign right here
Bunch A&Rs will call like, Where you find the kid?
Unless I’m getting a percent, never mind that shit
I got way too much rapper pride
Look how y’all treat life after rappers die
All them Instagram likes won’t bring em back to life
Gotta show 'em that love while they was still alive
I’m scared how you treat ya real people
Build 'em up, tear 'em down, just to feel equal
They ain’t really love you, stick around 'cause they need you
When it all fall down watch how many of 'em leave you
Everyday you pray, hopin' that your luck change
A job that you hate, everyday is mundane
Looking for a sign, suddenly then one came
Now they mad watching you eat, it’s like a Mukbang
They talk shit from afar
Hatin' on the low like a ASMR
Fuck complainin' for today rather change my tomorrow
And this my new motto, I don’t beg, I don’t borrow