Rob Markman - Parkside Freestyle (feat. DviousMindz)

Rob Markman - Parkside Freestyle (feat. DviousMindz)
June 2nd, 2020

Rob Markman returns with new track "Parkside Freestyle" featuring DviousMindz.


This gonna be one of those no hook joints
Before we ever knew a studio
We used to just rap in Prospect Park

This another one of those, get Lu on the phone
I’m screaming that I did it, I ain’t do it alone
They said they always knew it, but you knew all along
That if I ever got a chance what I’d do on these songs
I’m from St Paul and Crooke, where they’re known to set it off
The name ringing off, that’s word to Tenor Saw
The Peedi Crakk rocks that they served on Tennis Court
That’s Brooklyn bars, I ain’t talkin' bout Federer
If you ain’t get it all I could further the metaphor
Or slow it down more 'cause it’s gettin ahead of y’all
I got a homie and I think he gonna end it all
Takin' every single drug dawg even the Fentanyl
So these songs, specific emotions
When the walls closin' in and you’re literally chokin'
Self-medicating tryna figure the dosage
For my peoples barely livin', feelin' livin' is hopeless
It’s hard to rap about the money when ya homies is hurtin'
And they waitin' on these drops 'cause you word it so perfect
You articulate they pain with a poise and a purpose
And dead the bullshit that they poison the Earth with
It’s never what it seem on the surface
I will forfeit a check for some meaning and purpose
Got a couple rich friends who are feelin' so worthless
Things money can’t buy or even pre-purchase
Got a text one mornin' and it gave me the chills
From somebody who I love but I’d never reveal
It said I had to tell someone cause the feelin' so real
And I think you ought know that I took all the pills
Damn, if you ever need me I'm comin'
Me and my people came from nothin so I keep it a hunnid
I try to never beef with my brother
Kraig, fuck the bullshit we could lean on each other
Every 1st and 15th I’m tryna capture a feelin'
I ain’t worried about a stream or the massive appealin'
Hidden message in my music if you happen to hear it
And catch on without a pass interference
I mean I ain’t really stressed if they get it or not
It ain’t no hook in this joint, it ain’t never gon' chart
But every word got a purpose, every letter is art
And every verse paint a picture like I’m Damion Scott

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