Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - PayOut

Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - PayOut
January 8th, 2019

New song from Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral "PayOut" Produced by Grimm Doza

Song Lyrics

[Verse 1: wifisfuneral]
And I got- and I got too many choppers
Separate the ground like a god damn ostrich
Name another opp, talk down and we sparkin'
And I'm 300 deep, nigga, no Spartan
Ooh, might wanna pick up your vest today
Pap shoot his neck when he up in aim
Dilated pupils, this shit I get used to
So when I pop X, I be up for days
Hit you with the scope, setback
How you finna fold? So you been a rat
You get cheddar with the mice, I ain't into that
And the pussy 23, MJ that (Yeah)
I be ballin' like I'm Mike from way back (Yeah)
Crossover with the work gotta pay flat, 8 racks
1735 t-shirt [?] (Femto)
007 with the guns gon' aim back, ooh (Ah ah, Femto)

[Bridge: Robb Bank$]
Sticks out the door (Sticks out the door)
Bad bitch ride on the pole (Ride, ride, ride, ride)
Lick me up, suck on me slow (Suck it, woop, woop, woop, woop)
Rip FLA, I told you so (Yuh, yuh, I told you, let's get it)

[Verse 2: Robb Bank$]
Young nigga hopped off the porch, I was 13
Woodside by the Henny, fool with the Roxy
Stick made him head bang, night at the Roxy
And I look down on niggas like Kami
Whole SSET like the Z Fighters, all let's pop beans
Bitch, I'm SSET, y'all nigga just monkeys
I'm a all green great ape just like Broly
Yeah, no King Cole, got a new fridge on me
Can't go to the venue if it ain't a pay out
You see the SSET, yeah, it ain't nothin' to play 'bout
Break into your crib, we done studied the layout
Remix to ignition, fuck around and get brainwashed (SSET, SSET, SSET)
You thought she was sweet, now your brain on the playground
Killin' mommas, babies, and kids, nigga, I ain't playin' around (Grr)
Kie Money's out, then we fly with the Ks out
Pussy, if we beefin', I ain't stoppin' 'til you fade out