Royce Da 5'9" Feat. Westside Gunn - Overcomer

Royce Da 5'9
January 16th, 2020

Royce Da 5'9" and Westside Gunn link up on their new track, "Overcomer."

Song Lyrics


All we did was slang dope (All we did was slang dope)
Mini Tek, that's my main hoe (Grrr)

Fishscales pictures, wish you well, heard you got
30 up the North  mean he ain't need no scales
Ruger shells at Bloomingdales (Doo-doo-doo-doo)
Word on the streets he had two for sale
Pistol in your mouth like a root canal
Aston with the missing roof, pissin' Vueve (Vroom)
Put 10 on your head, I bet they get you soon
Courtside, Zion got 30, Bron got 50 (Ah)
I bet I cook a brick in the jiffy (Whip)

All we did was slang dope (All we did was slang dope)
Baby Tek, that's bae bro (Grrrrrr)

Came home scramblin', all you heard was ambulance
Somebody got hit on the corner, doin' hand to hands
12-12's out the minivan, they had the cellophane
Dashboard had the chandelier
Sold grams for years, baggin' up takes tears
Hit 'em up close, you gotta face the feds (Doo-doo-doo-doo)
Where I'm from, drivebys is overrated (Overrated)
If you got 5 bodies than you famous (Than you famous)
Get a hammer for the brick, we gotta break it (Gotta break it)
Shit broke the blender, nigga

All we did was slang dope
All we did was slang dope
All we did was slang dope (Doo-doo-doo)
All we did was slang dope
All we did was slang dope
All we did was slang dope
All we did was slang dope

I need your screamin' love
Darling can't you see
I need your screamin' love
Darling can't you see
Woo, I love you
All I wanted

In search of right like the birth of Christ
Breakin' every generational curse in life
Perverse concise make sure the verse is right
Return who it verse to the Earth, make sure that my hearse is white
And the contract Jewish, to match your grind that's foolish
A Koran that's Buddhist, rappers like 
In denying stack mula
As I sign on the dotted with the passion of a blind tattooist
In reaction to slithers from lizards mouth
Yelawolf this is your first and your last pass
I ain't gon' put it on blast, your punk ass know what this about
You think it's 'bout being loud or tryna be hostile
Till you get found face down on the ground outside of Kid Rock house
Though you a vulture pundit, I hope you get sober from this
Men lie, women lie, Saudi numbers
The energy never lies when you a overcomer
The energy never dies when you a overcomer
I don't rhyme for the likes, I'm who the jealous target
I'm underground for life this shit is a sellers market
The rich get richer, the poor get more greedy
We need Clarance A. to get what's owed in these board meetings
Rappers catch L's after just squeezing 'em for 
Crackheads pattern themselves after the teaching of Morris Levy
But I was dubbed the greates by the gossip
I'm King Tut to haters from this Spyder cockpit
It's Jacob Custom makes me fire watches
Inspired by 
We can create the  beside 'em
Drivin' Mazdas, I was labeled drug related by the coppers
A government that through the republic has been subjugated by the mobsters
Martin got shot on the Lorraine balcony became alchemy
Was sped on at the hospital when suffocated by the doctors
Michael was sniped at 6th at night, precisely by a laser
Mac Miller died pleadin' for his life, reciting God's prayer
Immaculately conceived, the product of Nas' labor
Ain't shit like, I'm Chris , I'm far later
Dedicated to the edification of sellin' blackness
I feel like Dame yellin' at Kevin  over leather jacket
Prince when he told Nas "Own your masters or your ass out"
Best rapper between Cardi and Meg the Stallion is Kash Doll

This Detroit, energy I'm on forever
Shout out to every body who made it (Overcomer)
And remember, God doesn't call the qualified
He qualifies the called, that's Christine Caine
The ernergy never lies (Overcomer)
The ernergy never lies (Overcomer)
Oh yeah
The station that keeps you in the groove
It is that kind of weekend, keepin' it cool laughin' with friends, family