Scotty ATL - Curfew

Scotty ATL - Curfew
May 29th, 2020

Scotty ATL returns with new song "Curfew" Produced by Tasha Catour


Yea baby what’s ya curfew, got problems nun we can’t work thru, keep it real from the jump can’t hurt you, take them pants off baby and that shirt too..

Take them pants off baby and that shirt too... got nobody girl well u got me, beat the pussy up call me mike T, them other niccas cool but they not me, when you got nobody girl u got me!

Fly you out to Paris for some hot tea, tryna fuk u all night have u knock knee, pop tags other bitches at the swap meet, I can show u how to come up nicca watch me, Starbucks every morning she want LA-tte, tell me where you from that’s a great story, I don’t have friends guess it ain’t for me, had to cut em off cuz they wasn’t for me, u just wanna have a lil fun tho, hair done uber eats to the condo, count my money for me baby let me twist one, where the spring break party she don’t miss one, group of friends know she going for the rich one, took her out the hood it’s a process, if u stole everything that is not blessed, outwork erbody I do not rest, clear skin own money she do not stress, tryna take you overseas that’s progress, really came up out the mud ima pop shit, fake shit all cap this is not that.. big hunnit on me now needa pay homage, yea we passed u cuz u wasn’t hungry, put on for my click that’s a tru story, niccas had a shot but they so corny

Seen you from way cross the room, body to body I want you, let’s get out of this clzub, I need you right now, stretch u out go get a towel, dj run that shit again, ain’t had no fun in a minute, we smokin and chokin dat loud, vibing we into the crowd, nobody turning me down, fukk w my sound, baby so solid, I can trust her wit my wallet, call me big Clyde she my Bonnie, double my money, there thru my pain, was my umbrella when rain, now we gone shine like it’s sunny