Shoreline Mafia - Perc Popper

Shoreline Mafia - Perc Popper
July 17th, 2020

New music from Shoreline Mafia "Perc Popper" Produced by DJ Flare


DJ Flare make that money flip

Bitch I'm hella faded, I sip lean on a celebration
I just popped another thirty now I'm meditating
If a nigga try to rob me, I go super saiyan
Put 'em choppers on my niggas they get to super slayin'
Hundred round leave em' on the floor
Hundred rounds we putting on a show
A couple rounds when I'm digging into your hoe
Pull this chopper out I'm shooting at your bro
Nigga touch me, I'm a 
I just bought the whole pint, I'm 'bout to sip some
I just took a whole thirty on a sick one
I don't hesitate with money imma get some
I got real nigga dick and she know it
If I pour this forty out, I'm finna blow it
Give a bitch good dick, now she glowin'
Remember she was innocent, now she hoeing (She a hoe)
In a foreign whip nigga, and it's stolen
Look at my mouth little bitch, all golden
Look at my neck little nigga, all frozen
Run up on  get your jaw broken

Movin' broke? I can't relate nigga
Everywhere a nigga go, I get a plate nigga
I ain't Tyga but she said she want a taste nigga
I just popped another perc, I'm outer space nigga

Perc popper, boy I'm outer space
I be coolin' where you niggas ain't safe
Gimme head til' you run out of face
Walked in, now he runnin' out the place
Only time, when I'm running from the jakes
Throwin' money boy I could of bought a Wraith
Real ass nigga, you can't relate
Pick it up little bitch, need a rake
And a broom, Shoreline the wave typhoon
Need my money next day lil' nigga by noon
(Matter a fact I need that right now nigga I don't give a fuck if you know me nigga, pay me)
I don't do fronts, only smoke Runtz
I don't smoke paper, I only smoke blunts
Choppa on my side, I don't got it in the trunk
Turn around bitch, I don't want to see your front
Hit it from the back, do it once a month
I'm a busy nigga you can't have me when you want
Hit it from the back, do it once a month
I'm a busy nigga you can't have me when you want
Smokin' on the freeway, going up like a B-Day
Sellin' dope off a prepay, gettin' money each way
Two hoes yeah, they get freaky
Two percs so geeky