Skillz Feat. Lil Duval - 2018 Rap Up

Skillz Feat. Lil Duval - 2018 Rap Up
January 1st, 2019

New music from Skillz & Lil Duval "2018 Rap Up"

Song Lyrics

Man this past year was a trip
Mo'Nique came out the gate Boycottin' Netflix
Will joined IG and had it lit
Well let me run that back, Instagram joined Will Smith
Eagles got the chip, shout to the squad
These fools was out here eating Tide-pods
Kim and Kanye had another baby
While everybody else went Black Panther crazy
Movie of the year brought everybody together
Y'all was all here shaking "Wakanda forever"
And that pride for some of y'all was a stunt
Had to be ya'll only kept it up for 2 months
Kylie had Stormi, Quincy Jones was buggin'
Oprah for prez, she like nah I ain't runnin'
And 21 and Amber couldn't get it right
Then Black Chyna got caught checking the mic
And Tristan Thompson bruh you a creep
The word on the street is black men don't cheat (they don't)
___ strippin' down, Nas was writing letters
Beyonce was out here destroying Coachella
The Me Too movement had a couple shockers
Then Meek came home flying a helicopter
Cardi B flashed the bump on them haters
Her and Offset, I got more on that later
And shoutout to Philly! But bro what's up?
Why can't I be black and chill in a Starbucks?
This is America and bro it's wild
Our data was everywhere, Facebook was on trial
Fab and Emily was beefing for real
Now they got Cosby singing boo'd up in jail
And that Walmart kid, I hate his voice!
The fuck you mean "slavery was a choice"
Ye been in the way and it feels like forever
Your music got worse, your trolling got better
The lotto hit a billi and that's no cap
When Thanos came he took half of that
And the Royal Wedding was quite the affair
ABC got Roseanne the fuck outta here
Ye threw on his lil MAGA hat
And white chicks callin cops on us just cos we black
The Pusha spilled all of the tea on Drake
All we heard was "you are hiding a child"
I'm like bruh the rap game getting wild
Eminem fired back at MGK
We got a surprise album from B & Jay
LeBron got gone, left for LA
And I still wanna know who bit Beyonce
Bieber and Ariana got engaged
And who told iHop they could change their name?
Toys'R'Us closed, they dissed Serena wrong
Then R Kelly put out that long-ass song
The whole year was ugly remember Kiki, do you love me?
Man shiggy showed out
But like everything y'all drove that to the ground
Power came back, Kanan got took out
And everybody and their mamma was leaving the White House
Wayne dropped Tha Carter he was back fo'sho
And y'all job shamed dupe from the Cosby show
And Cardi and Nicki, y'all need to quit
How the hell you throw a shoe in a fashion over fit
Kylie and Travis made all the bread
And 69 drove his ass right into the feds
And Fortnite was everywhere, that's just fact
The floss dance? How bout we leave that where it's at
The song of the year was "SMILE BITCH"
And Drake finally made up with Meek Mill and Chris
Demi OD'd, Mac Miller died and there's still kids out here tryna get high
Yeah we had issues but most were torn
If it wasn't mental health it was prison reform
They gave Suge 28, that ain't no joke
50 was petty all year he wanted all the smoke
Cali was on fire, Will Smith took flight
The elections kinda got us back in gear
And yeah he flew y'all out to who the fuck knows where
And I don't care about his plans
I just kept staring at him like bruh that's your mans
And Jill Scott left me on read cos I was in her DMs like hey big head
And Future added to his baby mamas
And book of the year was Michelle Obama's
Just live your best life and smile for the camera
Unless you're Juelz Santana
Rondo and Chris Paul couldn't get along
Trump fucked up so much he should get a whole song
The Oscars told Cap to go that way
Weird flex but Cap was like mmm okay
B and Jay was out here getting big ass cheques
But you was worried about that dude with the big ass neck
And Cardi B she still a boss, he went on so she had to cut Offset off
Tremon and KD was war and peace
And then came, who's the king of R&B
Ja please stop running your mouth
Your R&B stands for run your ass back in the house
I'ma say it, y'all might feel away
But the king of R&B that's Beyonce
Bro this ain't what we ordered, it's SICKO MODE they separatin' kids at the border
And the government is nuts, fuck shutting down, I wish you'd shut the fuck up
RIP to everybody we lost
And to my bro Quincy I'm praying for y'all
Y'all live your best life and keep doing your thing
This is Mad Skills and welcome to 2019