SlurRty - Hit It

SlurRty - Hit It
January 20th, 2020

I made this song early summer 2019. This is one of my more commercial feeling records. I have my own sound, but I could hear this on the radio which is different for me. This song is about a deep love for someone... 

Song Lyrics

I hit it to the left then I hit it to the right (right)
Way her body motion, we gone do it all night (night)
I hit it to the left then damn
Oouuh yea (uhh) ouuh yea (uhh or yea for both)

Im a savage girl, most hoes aint lastin girl
Got her splashin girl, sex got her relapsin girl
Some say im a player, I say I like the flavors
Hoes just like to savor, feel real bad for her neighbors
Slurrty never cappin, movie time but never actin
Got the highest fashion, shows is always packin
Niggas do the shit for clout, I went a different route
They respect my words, made grands from my witty mouth
Im needing more, need a girl that I adore
Photo op right by the shore, got me blockin other whores
Love when she call me daddy, anytime we can get nasty
Flashbacks when she pass me, this love forever lasting
You ever been in love before, its a different feeling
Make a nigga put ring on it, and have 50 children
You ever been in love before, its a different feeling