SOB X RBE - Sacrifice (Remix)

SOB X RBE - Sacrifice (Remix)
March 2nd, 2019

New remix from SOB X RBE "Sacrifice" Produced by Helluva Beats

Song Lyrics

Helluva made this beat baby

[Verse 1: Yhung T.O.]
Ayy brodie pass the heem, let me hit that
Better keep a tight grip or get yo' bitch snatched
Snuck this .40 in the club, can't forget that
Up the .40 on that nigga push yo' shit back

[Verse 2: DaBoii]
Just put a 30 in my pole for that diss track
Threw on the all white buffs, I feel like Riff Raff
And nigga just for talkin' shit you in the shit bag
And pussy nigga wait your turn you need to sit back

[Verse 3: Slimmy B]
Baby throw it back wit' yo' thick ass
Put that pussy in my face let me lick that
Gotta hold the choppa tight, this bitch kick back
If you ain't runnin' up yo' bands, bitch get back

[Verse 4: Yhung T.O.]
Uhh nigga shut the fuck up wit' all that chit chat
I need 10 bands to get yo' bitch back
Niggas say they off the lot, we gon' flip that
And bitch it's one up top ain't no click clack

[Verse 5: DaBoii]
Bitch stop askin' bout the smoke 'cause bitch we wit' that
Hit a nigga wit' this Glock and give 'em whiplash
And you can ask my mom dukes, bitch I been bad
Niggas still rap about the bands that we been had

[Verse 6: Slimmy B]
I'll send these choppa bullets at yo' six pack
The type to spend it on a bitch wit' yo' trick ass
Louis, Fendi, Gucci on me, mismatch
In the Bay wit' it, youngest niggas wit' cash
We gon' drop a body if y'all drop locations
We don't love these hoes, don't cuff, don't save 'em
I need my bands now, I am not patient
Eyes hella low, I am not Asian

[Verse 7: Yhung T.O.]
And I gotta keep that Glock for niggas tryna score me
Catch you slippin' wit' your man's then you get popped wit' brodie
This a AR chop, this is not a .40
Get yo' dumb ass popped just for speakin' on me
How you wit' that bitch but she be wit' brodie
Wanna suck my dick and she don't even know me
Gotta keep it on me
You mom's only kid we keep her lonely
These nigga's be phony
20 on my bitch she keep a rollie

[Verse 8: DaBoii]
Ha bitch, and we is not the same
I keep a strap on each hip when I rock the chains
I need the bands, need 'em fast, nigga ándale
Pussy thought I was a lick nigga not today
Catch a op without the strap, he'll get socked the face
Rockin' by my lonely but keep guap wit' me
And don't put yo' trust up in me .40 bound to spray
Lil' bitch said she want the dick bitch I'm a dial away

[Verse 9: Yhung T.O.]
Lookin' like a lick I got them bands on me
Nigga you gon' die you put yo' hands on me
I got niggas that's gon' slide, they in that land for me
Had a ProMag on the Glock it damn near jammed on me

[Verse 10: Slimmy B]
I ain't worried 'bout no pussy nigga or no bitch
You ain't been in the field or on no skits
Hit two cars wit' this chop, they both gon' flip
Don't love a bitch, 'cause when you down these hoes gon' switch