Singer, rapper, songwriter and producer ThBenj is back from the Netherlands to release his latest single “Paranoid”. The song was written and recorded during an unexpected trip to a studio in Harpel (in the vicinity of Amsterdam), after being invited to spend a week with a group of producers and musicians.

“Paranoid” was one of the many songs created during the trip and is the last single to be released from ThBenj’s upcoming full album, which is set to drop in June 2019. The song follows the release of previous singles “Manipulated”, “Waiting For You”, “Louder” and “Mumble Acid”, and is a bright, upbeat, free-feeling hip hop/trap/rap track with a big open sound.

Feel-good melodies, smooth vocals and flow make it the perfect dreamy, carefree tune for Summer 2019.

“Being in the moment, being in the studio is a whole different thing, especially when you’re surrounded by a bunch of other people,” ThBenj explains. “You feel the energy, you see the way people interact. ‘Paranoid’ was an idea in the moment. That’s the great thing about being in the studio. You have an idea and you can jump on and just record. ‘Paranoid’ was an idea that came from moments in the studio, but also something I’ve observed in my everyday life”.

Born in Sardinia, ThBenj built his career performing and working with other industry professionals throughout Australia, Ibiza, Sardinia and Italy. Moving and travelling to other countries has always been crucial for creating particular experiences from which the multi-talented instrumentalist and songwriter draws inspiration, enabling him to envision unique ideas and insert them into his music.

ThBenj is preparing to release his first solo album which is set to drop on June 28, 2019. Pulling from his mixed genre background, the album promises to deliver a diverse and futuristic sound featuring influences across multiple genres including hip hop, rap, trap and pop, along with a few unexpected surprises.