The Underachievers - Stone Cold

The Underachievers - Stone Cold
December 28th, 2018

The Underachievers is back with new single titled "Stone Cold" Produced by YDNA

Song Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Charge like Goku nigga
My clique stay focused, bifocals with us
Keep blue flags on us like O.T Genesis
bitch, they open, I swan dive in it
I live my lyrics, all facts no fiction
If the shit gets written, then you know I did it
Sit back, buy the ounce when the tec go missin'
Bought a whole quarter pound when the OG hittin'
My name hold weight, I don't need no weapon
One call nigga, let the beef get deaded
I keep getting to ya, I don't need no lesson
Been winning all year, need to count my blessings
Took a whole year off to relax, I'm chillin'
I'm back with the heat like a fire in the kitchen
Get no sleep nigga, but my passport filling
Got the 2CZ, you can't ride with me nigga
Got the I'll be fine in the winter
But it's fly, we fly just to change up the weather
You get high, on your supply, you ain't making no chicken
You a lie in disguise, got the X-Ray vison
Tell ya niggas stand down before your goes missin'
Like a marry go round how the drum be kickin'
Every nigga get a turn when the shit get lifted
Two weak to hold a clip, I let 730 get it

[Verse 2]
Stone cold killer with a one mimic
Coupe no ceiling, got a red bone in it
All about the green like Dre with it
Pull up with a big K, no K-Mart nigga
I don't like to talk, let it spray my nigga
Broad day my nigga, gotta claim my dinner
I was in the dark then my brain got bigger
Then the lanes start switching
Then your mains start missing
Drip drip drip, I'll finesse and make a flip
Tisk tisk tisk, always hating like a bitch
I fucked the game up my nigga, no glitch
We took our struggle and turned it to bliss
I paint her face, like she playing with Kiss
I seen her without taking a risk
Fuck all the fame I want real happiness
They be icing they chains, but they still sad as shit
already go, I don't need no bling
Had to stay up on my toes, black swan with the team
Wished you seen the king, 
How I rose from the ash, got God on my jeans
Gas in the stash when I ride with the green
Had to lick my nigga dash like a scream
like you tryna make her scream
How you end up in the past, your life but a dream, bitch