Thutmose - Blurry Nights

Thutmose - Blurry Nights
February 21st, 2019

New music from Thutmose "Blurry Nights" Produced by Avedon

Song Lyrics

I've been sipping and smoking Im rolling im rolling riding round town yeah yeah I’ve been sipping and smoking so won't u come with me Won't u come ride with me yeah

Yeah yeah you from the west side
Need you by my bedside And I promise you’re the only one Yeah yeah take you to bed stuy Cuz That's the best side And I promise you're the only one

Bottles on the rider Sip before I go Crowd is waiting Bad boy about to kill the show Shades on I swear I keep seeing kaleidoscopes Life is getting Trippy can't complain this the life I chose Ayyy bad bitches on the patio Ayyy they dancing to me on the radio Ayyy live it up live up , riding round town this the days our lives yeah yeah

Started with nothing, bagels and butter every morning I Went from folding clothes to vip very important I never changed I stayed the same Yeah I'm building up the net worth Screaming fuck the fame I Got the whole crew with me here In the jungle with no fear I got the whole crew with me here Cuz tomorrow's never promised so we live it up yeah