Thutmose Feat. Tory Lanez - Wipe Me Down

Thutmose Feat. Tory Lanez - Wipe Me Down
April 30th, 2019

Thutmose and Tory Lanez link up on their latest collab. The track is Produced by Avedon.

Song Lyrics

Come wipe me down
Wipe me down
All these diamonds on my neck come wipe me down
Come wipe me down baby come wipe me down
All these diamonds on my neck come wipe me down

Pull up in the foreign, Drop top in the morning
I think we might go platinum
That’s why I’m zoned in
What can I say I’m that nigga
Thought I had friends now they bitter
There can only be one winner
I’ve been grinding all damn winter
So show me love hold me down
Rub me down got the crown
Bottom line columbine shots aligned kinda fine piped your mom
How that feel? Not too good
Know you well don’t you tell
Cuz everybody here might know
So u better let it go
Hope the lord forgive me
Tryna count a milli
Thutmose in the building
Thutmose in the building

Yeah, uh
Diamond vv essen essence
Flyness, freshness, your bitch, check list
Yeah, aye, pull up in something expensive
I own this shit and you rent it
Aventador nearly hit the corner when I pull up on it and I bent it
Pussy wet and water scented
She be calling me the sensei
Spanish bitch with the white milk when I hit it all I see la leche
Used to pull up in a rented
Now I’m smoking only presidential and they call me el presidente
Uh, she wanna wipe me down
Shut up and tie me down
She know how I get down
She love whenever I pull up on the corner and I got icey down
She wanna be wifey now
I know that she like, I know that she like
The way that I’m right right right now
High right right now
You looking for me I’m light right right now
Yeah, come fuck with me baby (fuck with me baby)
Unlikely baby (unlikely baby)
Im stuck with you baby (stuck with you baby)
Yeah, come wipe me down