Thutmose - Wait Up

Thutmose - Wait Up
January 24th, 2019

New single from Thutmose "Wait Up" Produced by Avedon

Song Lyrics

Lemme tell you
This is special
Running through my mind
Won’t u wait up wait up wait up
If it’s meant to
I will let you
Tear my heart apart
Baby wait up wait up wait up

Verse 1

Got me on ice
There’s no need to lie
The more that I think about u
The more this feels right
I’m tryna be polite
But it’s hard to be nice
With a bad girl like you
Babe I’m racing against time
Got me lonely
Don’t leave me lonely
I’ve been lonely baby
I’ve been lonely

Pre chorus

You should see my eyes
When you hit my line
I’ll be running on my way
Be the one to make u smile
Won’t u come out so I could say it


Verse 2

Tell me it’s all mine
Girl it all right
I Promise to watch ur back
Long as u watch mines
For u I do the crime
I swear I do the time
Ain’t no one gun stop me
From getting what’s mine

Running round running round running round through my mind yeah (2x)

Pre chorus (2x)

Hook (2x)


Lemme tell you
This is special
Wait up wait up mhmmmmmmmm
Won’t you wait up
So special Wait Up Wait Up