T.I. - Fu*k N***a

T.I. - Fu*k N***a
February 14th, 2019

T.I. takes aim at Floyd Mayweather, after the boxer revealed that he will not participate in the boycott of Gucci despite the recent blackface controversy.

Song Lyrics

Damn, it must suck to be a fuck nigga
Ol' greedy ass nigga only thinking 'bout himself
They get the fame, then get the wealth
But people are struggling, who did you help?
People are struggling, who did you help?
Who did you help, fuck nigga?

I ain't made as much as you have
Purses you grab could feed some countries out in Africa
You just go buy a Lamb or Bugatti
Or something else that depreciate when you drive it off the lot
And holla fuck it, but fuck it
The greatest reward comes with obligations
You owe the generation after you
Since they're gonna live in the world you made
Man, where your gratitude?
You act like no more poor people struggling after you
Like you were the last, nigga you trash
You wouldn't never get big as you is
If the folk in the hood wasn't supporting your ass
See them same people taking a stand to
Give you the chance, you showing your ass
I don't give a fuck how much money you have
What did you do with it, how did you use it
To make an impact and influence the world for the better
You rather go buy some jewelry, whatever
But never should you ever think that it's going to last forever
As soon as you blink, it'll be gone as quick as it came
And you talking about when you were doing your thing
Man, all of them profits, how many scholarships
How many properties did you donate to the people in poverty?
Man, I bet if any it's not enough probably
Made it equivalent to hitting the lottery
Selfish just make you a target for robbery
Could it be possibly you don't know people are starving and dying
Is this shit not on your mind?
What is you thinking 'bout, just cause you make it out
Don't mean you shit on people tryna be equal
Every day fighting oppression and you just gon' side with the evil
Man, what do you care about?
Did you not hear about black women missing
We don't know their whereabouts
See that's what you should be calling the mayor about
Offer whatever is a fair amount
There's a water crisis down in flint and ain't you from Michigan
Where's your empathy, nigga?
I promise you I see the bitch in these niggas
Do more with less cause I ain't richer than these niggas
I think I just had an apathy listening to ego
Where the creeps go when they're sacrificing they own people
I swear, all the money in the world ain't enough, nigga
If it mean I gotta live like a fuck nigga