Trill Sammy & DiceSoho - PS4

Trill Sammy & DiceSoho - PS4
August 16th, 2019

New music from Trill Sammy & DiceSoho "PS4"

Song Lyrics

Fu*k I look like loving on the Freak
Home I read the play my PS4 got appeal
Of a day care so I name is Simone and my
Dog was water huh look the float
Don't play with my hair gotta pay with
You oh I do put this shit on I clean up
Like so if you looking wrong take a
Month with the skull there's no the
Little ball on my necklace intense
Perspective every plant ending I see
They busy bat me on their knees hold up
A couple thousand in my path let him
Have it he wants more like swish the
Tail it's just i will grab the system
Bitch and listen saw when grab the
Silver flies tell let me push for prison
When I smile nutty diamonds because they
Just finally let my brother just look
Kenny and light the whole hood missing
Back to the bases rockin Luke gets plus
Face I'll fight laces stat on the table
Popping metal everybody crazy he gonna
Touch you wanna taste it chirping the
Best he can take the bitch want me to go
Next you say you free let me take your
Spark of English it'll move y'all with
Me how bust in the space if I guess that
Bout twirl I bet she won't say oh I need
On the my time and pace you niggas broke
Just face you love and then bitch trying
To make her your suppose but I'm up to

I just put your shit on my Creed on that
So you're looking wrong take a month
With the skull there's no the little
Ball on my necklace ten passes back to
Bed we play attention actually busy bat
Me on their knees hold up a couple
Thousand in my prayers then I'm having
He wants more like swish dummy do it to
My fungus blue bitch hey listen saw one
Guard says bitch and listen saw it