$UICIDEBOY$ - Scrape

$UICIDEBOY$ - Scrape
November 13th, 2018

New music from $UICIDEBOY$ "Scrape" Produced by Budd Dwyer

Song Lyrics


Get all my dope for the low
double cup in the benzo
feeling like i am Big Moe
screw head til my hearse
now watch this
i pour that wok and that lean in her mouth while she throat
demons crawling through my mind
feel like ima flash out
pass out
ducked out
pills under my tongue now
smoking on some OG
psychosis kicking in
time to make a fucking stain
wake and my sweat has dropped
it was all a fucking dream


yung snow be driving these hoes up the wall
never froze
fuck em all
tagging toes
let em thaw
flexing my flaws while im texting your broad
still getting pussy
have sex in the hall next to the bed that yall've slept in since fall
got a call from your mom saying "meet at the mall"
gonna fuck her behind the counter at Aeropostale
Ruby the hoe slayer
later i'm gone
fuck boy feel some type of way saying ruby the opps
me and slick stay flodgin in the dodge
we always dodging cops
let the block begin the flock
they want to watch him top my glock