$UICIDEBOY$ & Travis Barker - Aliens Are Ghosts

$UICIDEBOY$ & Travis Barker - Aliens Are Ghosts
May 17th, 2019

The $uicideboy$ come out with yet another single to show viewers their upcoming EP ‘Live Fast, Die Whenever’ will not be strictly punk rock and will instead include some of $uicideboy$ typical song styles.

Song Lyrics


7th Ward swerving
white Benz
wheels turning
rose gold chrome accent on the rims
picture perftect
no destination let's just wait and see where we end up
burning zones
burning up the ozone backwood stay tightly tucked
bitch look at me she said "yuck!"
what the fuck?
hoe, i'm Oddy Nuff
i don't fuck with lifeforms from this planet, bitch
you out of luck
i got better shit to do like sip the lines up in my cup
i ain't sharing
pint stay tucked
waste my whole life hunting ducks


i be that rotten garbage crawling out the ditch
stitches for a snitch
bodies in the fridge
blade scraping
grey aping
banging on my fucking chest
feel the static
be my motherfucking guest
Yung Christ - masked up for a poltergeist
feel like i'm stuck in a vice
feel like i been paid my price
my wrists have been sliced
now i'm scarred from the blade that's pressed against my skin
lifeless and i'm stuck up in this shit
the walking mortal sin who's life will never end