Verse Simmonds - Date Night

Verse Simmonds - Date Night
February 12th, 2018

Verse Simmonds is back with new music for Valentine's Day "Date Night", Produced by Deli Banger.

Song Lyrics

Deli Banger
Mind if.. Mind if I pull up any second?

[Verse 1]
Just made it right on your street
Bass loud so you hear the beat
Punch out so you hear the screech
Ice out, that you never freeze
I know, that you're ready
Even though I know it's unlikely
I'll be waiting patiently (I'll be waiting patiently)
Tonight, I made plans we got reservations
If we leave now we can make them
Can't wait to show you off, baby got me feeling so anxious
I'm at the door, baby girl answer

I'm here to pick you up for date night