Yelawolf - Jesco White Freestyle

Yelawolf - Jesco White Freestyle
February 1st, 2019

New music from Yelawolf "Jesco White" Produced by The banger slanger

Song Lyrics

Catfish Billy!
MWA Bitch!
Low-fashion slum
Mr. Don Corleone!

One drop or a not from this boss
You may get knocked with the fist or shot what you stocked in the cross
Hairs of a semi-r[?] told through your notch-o
See I gave a fuck once, now I do not doze
Hello-I, lit up like a yellow light
Like a young Jesco White, on a mellow-yellow high
Chip a tooth when that pebble flies, back at that Chevy wheel
Seen the world through the Devil's eyes, he dead me to make a deal
I decline, king of mind, that's a waste of time
Give me a break, spit on the snake, let em taste the lines
Cowboy boots scaled like a plate of dimes
Black suede pressed dress to [create a grime?]
You let your fangs hand, haters can't do a dang thang
But complain, comment and shame, claiming to gang-bang
That same bitch that you double-tapping to bang came
To my show like [psu-psudio?] to show me brain games
See visionaries ain't got no problem with execution
I just wake up like a rocket and hop up and fucking do it
No logical explanation on how I drop my music
I just find a socket, plug it in pocket and lock into it
Oh, what a wonderful feeling
Gotta take a minute and do some breathing
Ain't take a day off work since I went and took [?], looking for a reason
Looking for a tie, looking for a suit
That Rock and Roll Hall-of-Fame is due
Overdue, but the road is loose
When you gonna evade this? No one's clue
No one knows, where it goes
Where you've been or what to do
But that's me in a nutshell bro
Going nuts, deja-vu
Oh what a dream, roll your boats
Sow your oats, all with the beans
Ain't no gas, kid lets rock, buy with the bot, not with the lean
In my coat when I fucking pop, like a mushroom in the morning gleam
After a rain, in the spring, Michael rain, yeah-that's me
Got it locked, that is key
Got it hot, in the sea
O-U-N-T-R-Y, kept this in your soar eyes
If you want that four-five, come on in the doors-wide
So deep that said your-tribe, welcome to the north side
Look out in the back, that Heisenberg hat, [?]
Sick you to that kid, buck, three-six is our war cry
Kids are playing Fortnite, I was playing short-sight
Didn't see tomorrow, I just wanted one more bite
So I started stealing, chopping parts under the porch light
I just wanted better than what Mamma could afford, why?
Cause I am a son of a bitch! Hard as you ever saw
Showed up and get duck or get hit, with this a pepper y'all
Huddle-up with your fucked clique, and it's a methanol
Suck a dick, sucka suck shit, or do what [evan's drawn?]
Naw he didn't-oh, yes the fuck I did!
Now take these words, stay woke, and tattoo both my lids
Y'all bitches sleeping on me? I need my own Hilton
I come with cots for you bots, go take a nap in the den
While I master a plan with the master in Mathers again
Slum-Shady on plum crazy get laughing again
But when that trash in the atmosphere like a ravenous wind
When I pass in that black Cadillac, with Travis and em'
Yeah, and its so much fun going at it again
I just might need to sing a bit, go get some practice and then
So let me clear my throat, let me see if I hear the notes
I hear the notes, now look in your black mirror and strike a pose

Ain't it good to be famous?
Everybody knows your name
But you can't walk around here shameless
90% of y'all so lame

Trunk Muzik 3...