YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty Iyanna

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty Iyanna
December 12th, 2019

YoungBoy Never Broke Again returns with new single titled "Dirty Iyanna" Produced by CashMoneyAP

Song Lyrics


You never make me lose
So how you bring it on me
Your haze was crued, I was fueled
I was too blind for the sea
Might have the cover the news
Seems only trouble I keep
You was the one I would choose
Choose for the beat up for me
Can't tell me nothin'
Do this because I do what I want
We came up out the street
Straight from the drug selling war
She said, she never will leave
Soon as she left it was hard
I want it all here with me
She left me out with my bars
But I said, it's okay
Will take my heart with that raw
I ran it for out your reach
I mean as far as the stars
Might have the gas in my car
Don't come out after dark
I see she won't leave me long
She slides the ties out my car

Dirty Iyanna, oh
Dirty Iyanna, oh
Dirty Iyanna, oh
Dirty Iyanna

Whatever we get, I'm sick of these bitches, they pour my head out
Will be chasing on riches, however you want it
It's straight from the head out
And she know that I love her, she want me to cuff her
I think she didn't hurt me, I never will let her
I'm sending condolences inside of a letter
Still trappin' like Griselda
No ain't really safe in the streets, all alone, ah
No, we don't play, keep that head, we take it slow out
It  know what I want, I ain't never gon' lie
If I feel that I owe you, I'm gon' make it right
I'll be thuggin' and keepin' my head to the sky
Number bag on the , I'm myself when I cry
Want a bill while I'm dreaming but how you ain't die
For four, they get head when I lay up their five
Trappin' and rappin', we shoot to the time
After I'm asked if we have a child
After heartbreak, I had cut off from relations
But I be thinkin' 'bout you on the day
Tell my niggas what up and they said that I'm crazy
Remember wit' you all them hoes, they hatin'

Dirty Iyanna, no
Dirty Iyanna, oh
Dirty Iyanna, no
Dirty Iyanna, Dirty Iyanna
(Iyanna, Iyanna)
Dirty Iyanna